Who We Are

Established in 2017 with offices in Lebanon and New York, Homat al Hima International proudly operates Hima to Hima program which is an ecotourism model, geared toward individuals who love nature and wildlife. Himas are natural areas protected by their local residents. They are the best environmentally protected areas and are considered to be the jewels of Lebanon.
We also offer guided tour packages through Himas, natural reserves, and all over Lebanon.

We also own and operate a park located in the West Bekaa Country Club (WBCC), currently under construction and slated to be open later this year. It will be built with stringently environmental friendly standards, and the location is within close proximity to the Shouf Biosphere Reserve which is the biggest Cedar Reserve in Lebanon, the World Heritage site of Hima Anjar, and Lebanon’s best vineyards. All located in the famous Bekaa Valley, at 60 Km distance from Beirut with stunning views and breathtaking sceneries.

The park will facilitate youth-and-adult oriented recreational and educational activities. Visitors will enjoy the park amenities including a butterfly garden and gift shop, an educational center with an auditorium, conference & research area, a cultural center, a playground area, an observation deck for bird watching, and nature walk trails stretching throughout the park.

Our highly esteemed partnership with The Society for The Protection of Nature in Lebanon (SPNL), the world leader in Hima revival, afford us the ability to operate our tour programs throughout the Himas of Lebanon. Our goal is to embody a link between culture and nature, and provide visitors with a unique entertainment experience that will benefit both the environment and all individuals inhabiting it.

Take Only Memories, Leave Only Footprints
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