Educational – SNOW program

From cell phone and video games to Face book and YouTube, digital media are changing the way young people play and socialize in the 21st century. At Homat al Hima Intl we firmly believe in Nature and Outdoor as a media to connect to the roots, discover your inner self through adventure and challenging activities were physical and emotional skills are valued.

The 21st Century learners most be able to accomplish the following as:

  • Think critically
  • Solve problems
  • Work collaboratively
  • Be agile and adaptable to new situation
  • Communicate effectively
  • Have curiosity and imagination
  • Be able to access and analyze information

At Homat al Hima Intl SNOW program (school with no walls) provides opportunities for children and young adults to develop 21St century skills listed above through outdoor experiences and challenges individually and as a group. We provide tailor made programs through all over Lebanon and specifically in the Hima sites linking culture, nature and adventure.

Sample school tours

Bekaa: Anjar Omeyad side world heritage, discover Hima Kfar Zabad, hike the shepherd trail in Kherbet Kanafar, visit the HHI eco-park and the butterfly garden.

Enfeh: Balamand museum, hike in the olive groves, discovering Enfeh antique site, clay and pottery.