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Aiming to conserve cultural and traditional skills at local communities and to upgrade the livelihood of rural communities within IBBAs/Himas in Lebanon interlinked with natural resources and through kind contributions from UN Women Fund for Gender equality, OTI USAID fund, and the European Union, SPNL has revived several cultural skills and trained (women &men) to produce local artisanal products linked to their Hima sites habitats, raw material, and globally threatened species. Examples are Armenian needle work and handicrafts from Hima Aanjar, bird houses from West Bekaa, accessories from recycled material (upcycling) from Hima Qoleileh/Mansouri, pins for threatened birds and different wildlife species, etc..
Those Items can be bought on request basis.
To help support SPNL Souk Al Hima program, check the available below items.

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