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Paving the way for a more sustainable business and brighter future to stop Nature’s bankruptcy

Homat al-Hima International (HHI) is dedicated to supporting global businesses in achieving sustainability through the Hima approach. We specialize in aiding companies worldwide to meet Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and gain recognition in prestigious sustainability indices like the Dow Jones Sustainability Indices (DJSI) by implementing sustainable practices.

By closely collaborating with private sector entities, we tailor KPIs to their industry and sustainability goals. These indicators enable companies to track progress, make informed decisions, and align operations with sustainability targets.

HHI’s expertise in the Hima approach and sustainable practices empowers businesses to enhance their performance in indices like the DJSI, boosting visibility and credibility in the sustainability realm. Integrating KPIs and striving for recognition in esteemed indices showcases companies’ dedication to sustainable development, attracting responsible investors, and fostering positive societal and environmental impacts.

As a catalyst for sustainability excellence, HHI provides essential tools, knowledge, and support for businesses navigating global sustainability standards. Together, we pave the way for a more sustainable future where businesses thrive while contributing significantly to the environment and society.

The stakes are high, economic actors cannot remain indifferent to such a challenge. This is why Homat al-Hima International was created in 2017 thanks to a thirty-year collaboration with SPNL.

HIMA Holistic Environmental, Socio-Economic approach is the answer.

What is Hima ?

Hima means protected area in Arabic; it is a community based approach used for the conservation of sites, species, habitats, and people in order to achieve the sustainable use of natural resources. It originated from more than 1,500 years ago where it was spread along the Arab Peninsula as a “tribal” system of sustainable management of natural resources.

It was applied as a system for organizing, maintaining, regulating, and utilizing natural pasture and rangelands in a way fitting with ecosystems and local practices. Hima management and decisions are made by the local communities themselves.

HHI is reviving the Hima approach in collaboration with municipalities in order to promote the conservation of Important Bird Areas (IBAs) and conserve the sustainable use of natural resources.

Lebanon Hima map

Assad SERHAL the pioneer hero of Himas

Everything is interlinked, and culture and nature are two sides of the same coin…” explains Mr. Serhal when asked about how he came up with the idea for Hima.

IUCN Marseille September 2021

Our partners

01. expertise

Our experts are specialized in different fields and have enriched and developed their know-how by years of rigorous work and various experiences.

02. Flexibility

We listen very carefully to our client’s needs in order to provide customized services adapted to each different reality and country.

03. Environmentally friendly

We care for nature and we believe that reconciling business with environmental care is possible.

Why we are different ?

  • Because we give meaning to what we do.
  • Because we believe that a solidary and eco responsible business is possible.
  • Because we know that green products and services are the future for everyone.
  • Because our actions and our products help raise collective awareness.

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