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Building Successful Stories Since 1986

For over 30 years we make Himas revive. These are communities in protected areas where human society lives and meets its needs without compromising the natural environment. We help communities to promote a respectful and reasoned approach to nature while conserving the protected area and species that live there, in a sustainable and ecological economic model.

Making an Impact Across the Globe

Our goal is to export the Hima concept internationally. The Hima model is a way to reconcile human needs with the preservation of protected areas: benefits are mutual and sustainable for both man and nature.

A leader in Hima revival

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What we do


We can provide a wide range of advice such as the creation of Hima, the preservation of natural sites, ecotourism and many other areas.


Discover with us the natural sites’ beauty of your region.


Turnkey production of films, commercials, reports or interviews.


Discover our natural products! Everything is linked to our Himas, to make the community live and enhance nature preservation.

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