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Wings Across Lebanon: A Migration Story

A panoramic view of the majestic Mount Hermon in the distance, its snow-capped peaks glowing in the morning light. The camera slowly pans across the landscape, capturing the serene beauty of the Beqaa Valley.
“In the heart of Lebanon lies a mesmerizing tapestry of nature’s wonders – the Beqaa Valley. A haven where migration becomes a breathtaking spectacle, painted across the skies.”
Nestled within this fertile valley, the Ammiq Wetland is a sanctuary for countless migratory birds. Here, amidst the shimmering waters and vibrant flora, birds find a respite on their long journeys, creating a symphony of colors and sounds.
From the rugged slopes of Mount Hermon to the picturesque Shouf Reserve and the renowned wineries that dot this landscape, this journey unveils the harmony between nature’s canvas and the spirit of migration.”
As the seasons change, these skies witness the passage of avian travelers – a testament to the resilience and instinct that binds them to this land.
Each bird, a storyteller of distant lands, adds its unique hue to this magnificent migration tapestry, painting the skies with their flight, a dance between the heavens and earth.
In Lebanon’s Beqaa Valley, amidst the beauty of nature’s grandeur, the migration of these winged travelers continues to inspire, reminding us of the enduring connection between this land and the creatures that grace its skies. Also, central and West Beqaa  Beqaa Hima are connected with a mosaic of important birds and biodiversity sites, ecosystems, and habitats to the nature reserves at The Shouf Cedars and Mount Hermon. Hence, People and Nature in a breathtaking landscape are a must for nature lovers seeking refuge for heart and soul in Lebanon.


Discover with us the natural sites’ beauty of your region

In a sustainable and ecological approach, we propose excursions based on an idea of eco-responsible travel.

Focused on the experience and learning of the individual, each tour combines the discovery of the nature of each site with the discovery of the local culture and the traditional or ancient civilizations that have interacted with the region.

The goal of our tours is to provide you with an unforgettable experience that combines the discovery of natural beauty with an awareness of its importance to humans and the ecosystem. We promote the exploration of protected areas and make sure that the participant becomes a responsible actor of his trip.

Discover Unlimited Beauty

From Hima to Hima

“From Hima to Hima – covering the Bekaa Area” is an eco-touristic model, initiated by SPNL, aiming to link the different Hima sites in the Bekaa region. It highlights the natural, cultural and social values embedded within the Hima areas which are managed by the local community; the custodians of the land. This booklet provides you with a snapshot of several ecotourism packages that you and your family can enjoy within our Bekaa Himas. SPNL envisions “From Hima to Hima” model to connect all sites that SPNL is working on.

Migratory birds

A Look Inside the Hima world


Our experts are specialized for several decades in the observation of bird species that transit through Lebanon during the migratory seasons. We put our knowledge at your service to make you live the magic of an outing in a nature reserve with guided and commented bird watching.

HIMA TO HIMA: a tailored luxury bird tour

Through reviving the Hima concept, we work on preserving the balance between nature and the diversity of species, while empowering the local community. Each Hima offers a specific biodiversity: in Anjar for example, we act to prevent the extinction of the S. Serin – Serinus Syriacus; in Hammana, you can experience the joys of watching iconic migratory species such as storks, pelicans, raptors, Egyptian vultures… We’ll visit exceptionally bird-rich hima’s or known for their endemic species.

We propose a one-of-a-kind trip dedicated to small groups of only 6-8 participants because quality is of paramount importance to us; and we prefer to use superior accommodation and vehicles. We propose sites where at least some of the following birds are possible to be seen – Syrian Serin, Sombre Tit, Eastern Orphean Warbler, Syrian Woodpecker, Cretzchmar’s Bunting, Mourning Wheatear, Yelkouan Shearwater, and depending on the timing a whole range of migrants flying during migration time.


Share with your fellow travelers, Lebanon’s gorgeous mountain vistas and enjoy seeing some rare bird species on this private guided hike. From one hima to the other, from the mountains to the coast, you’ll discover some unspoiled forests and fresh mountain waters, rest in unique villages where you can indulge in the local cuisine. Finally, while taking photos or watching birds soar in our sky, discover Lebanon’s history-filled sites.


Spare yourself the rigors of Lebanese driving and let a professional take the wheel on this convenient Hima-to-Hima tour.



Enjoy a slice of Lebanese life that’s impossible to access independently with this private, hands-on cooking class in a traditional Lebanese home. Learn to cook two authentic Lebanese dishes as you chat about culture, cuisine, and traditions with your foodie host and her family. Then savor a home-cooked meal washed down with a couple of glasses of arak.



Coffee should be black as hell, strong as death, and sweet as love” says a Turkish proverb. A visit to Lebanon is not completed without drinking the Lebanese coffee, the Lebanese way. With our without sugar, with or without cardamom, sipping coffee is part of our heritage, so let’s taste sweet pastries with a cup of Lebanese coffee.



Wine production in Lebanon started thousands of years ago, but during recent years, wine has flourished with the best producers balancing tradition and modernity with power and delicacy. Lebanese winemakers have favored French grapes, particularly Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Rhone varietals such as Cinsaut, Carignan and Grenache. Discover how some have used Roman caves as natural wine cellars, or stroll down the vineyards before tasting the nectar of the gods.



In Lebanon’s capital, it’s a point of pride that the party never stopped, even during war and protests. Whether it’s a chill, laid-back mood you’re in or a more chic and lively atmosphere you’re looking for, Beirut has it all in store for you.


Why choose Lebanon for birding tours?

  • Lebanon is a place with a personality that has a wonderful story to tell.
  • Lebanon’s Heritage offers elegant and historically relevant experiences.
  • For keen birders, conservationists and nature loversfrom all over the globe, who gather for exclusive birding trips.
  • We cater for a wide range of nature-based interests including birding, wildlife, botany, butterflies and general nature, as well as nature and bird photography.
  • You’ll show that birds have an economic value through the promotion of eco-tourism and birding trips. You will help change the perception of Lebanon being known for its high level of illegal bird killing.

excursion Packages

Tour Package 8 Night / 7 Days

Personalized excursions created on request.



Tour Package 8 Night / 7 Days

Personalized excursions created on request.



Tour Package 8 Night / 7 Days

Personalized excursions created on request.



Tour Package 8 Night / 7 Days

Personalized excursions created on request.



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